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Sexual wellness Coaching


Sexual Wellness Coaching


Many factors can affect our sexual wellness. Often we are not even aware of the factors that can affect our relations. As a consequence we may have problems in our relation with ourselves and our couple leading to more problems affecting our lives.


Sexual Wellness Coaching is the process in which the person understand his actual situation and focus to reach the goal situation. During this journey the coach will support the client giving him or her the necessary tools to reach the goal/goals.


The client is 100% responsible of the process but with the support of the coach. With trust and confidentiality the process will be successful. 


In the Sexual Wellness Coaching we work together to:

- improve a couple’s communication

- to improve sexual life

- to decrease insecurity, & obsessions

- to analyze and rectify traumas, erectile dysfunction, orgasm situations, self love, etc.


Normally the process is 6-8 sessions working with one goal. 


Upon completion you will have a better sexual wellness in your every day life! 

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